JPO ETT  Mirror, mirror- A journey with my self-esteem (English)

Organisé par Sira Inchusta Carrillo

Our self-esteem is everyday attacked and affected by everything that goes around ourselves. We know how important it is to reflect about and to love ourselves but we rarely find the time during the day, the week or even the month to take that moment.

This workshop aims to start a process of acceptance and self-conscious development of our self-esteem through a media- an object- that we all have at home : the mirror. That object which might be difficult to look at, which scares us, which throws us into negative and deep thoughts. By changing the way we invest and we use the mirror, we will learn how to improve and increase our self-esteem.

Since this workshop will take place during the Opening Days of our centre, we would like to open it to both English and French speaking publics. In the case of a very heterogenous group, the workshop will take place in both English and French to include everyone.


Inscription obligatoire auprès de Sira Inchusta Carrillo par mail. Veuillez nous contacter en cas de besoin d'adaptation de l'espace (personnes à mobilité réduite ou présentant des difficultés sensorielles)

0487/33.22.40 ou

Gratuit dans le cadre des Journées Portes Ouvertes



De 11:30 à 12:00